Final flood preparation as Rockhampton waters rise

Parts of Rockhampton are starting to go under, while final preparations are being put in place in other areas, as the Fitzroy River slowly climbs to its predicted peak of nine metres.


The river had risen to just under 7.8m by midday Tuesday, and is now expected to peak on Thursday morning, when about 3000 homes and businesses will be affected.

Fitzroy River in Rockhampton starting to break its banks both sides. Still expected to rise by at least another metre yet @SBSNews pic.twitter长沙桑拿按摩论坛,/4qyzRTBpgo

— Rhiannon Elston SBS (@rhiannonelston) April 4, 2017

Low-lying suburbs like Depot Hill are due to be inundated but authorities have installed flood mitigation measures, including floodgates on stormwater drains, as well as a new system of temporary levees, on the north side of the river around Beserker.

However, even that has its drawbacks, with the levees running down the middle of suburban streets, meaning only one side is protected.

Coming into Rockhampton. Outer lying areas including farmland already underwater. @SBSNews pic.twitter长沙桑拿按摩论坛,/pnGdkW8d3c

— Rhiannon Elston SBS (@rhiannonelston) April 4, 2017

For 27 years Barb Reid has lived in her Berserker house, which is now on the wrong side of the temporary levees.

She said the area regularly floods, either from flash flooding or when the river rises.

Ms Reid rode out Cyclone Marcia in 2015 in her bathroom, an event which she said was more concerning.


“We’re used to floods in Rockhampton, it’s the cyclones we don’t like, we’ll take a flood any time.”

WATCH: Rockhampton braces for worst flooding since 1954

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She said she was concerned about what effect the levees would have on the flood level but said they had been in contact with authorities and had been assured everything would be fine.

The water is expected to stay up over the weekend after it peaks, before eventually subsiding by next week.

Meanwhile, A kangaroo has been killed by a car in the Rockhampton CBD after the animal tried to escape from floodwaters.

The roo was hit on Quay street, next to the Fitzroy river, with witnesses saying it was jumping erratically across the road.