Malcolm Turnbull hits back at Tony Abbott’s criticism of Senate deal

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has delivered a thinly-veiled insult to his predecessor, Tony Abbott, by reeling off a list of his government’s achievements since coming to office.


Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott criticised the way the Turnbull Government negotiated with the Senate last week to pass its company tax cuts package. 

Although Mr Abbott hasn’t looked at the specifics of deal with key crossbench senator Nick Xenophon, he said he didn’t approve of the horse-trading which took place last Friday.

“I do want to make this point, you should never agree to do something which is wrong to get something which is right,” the former prime minister told Sky News.

Asked whether he found it taxing to have a predecessor criticising the government at every opportunity, Malcolm Turnbull said people should “think about what we’ve been able to do since the election”.

Watch: Government strikes a deal to pass company tax cuts

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“We’re getting stuff through the Senate. We’re delivering, we’re governing, we’re proving that if you’re prepared to negotiate, you can get things done in the 45th Parliament,” Mr Turnbull said.

“So what we’re demonstrating is that we know how to govern, we know how to deliver, we’re delivering on our promises. That’s what the public want us to do, it’s what they’re entitled to expect, and we’re doing it for them.”

“We all want to be a part of club sensible.”

Mr Abbott also hit out at Malcolm Turnbull’s weekend speech to the party faithful, in which he said the Liberal Party should sit “squarely in the centre of Australian politics”.

“We all in a sense want to be in the sensible center, we all want to be a part of club sensible, who wouldn’t want to be there?” Mr Abbott said. 

“But you’ve got to have things that you’re fighting for.” 

Malcolm Turnbull said both double-dissolution bills are now law, and a raft of other bills are set to be delivered in this term of parliament.